ART OF LIFE program acknowledges and helps an individual holistically.  We look at each person as an integration of body, emotions, mind and spirit.  Our team of practitioner and transformational coaches will create a program especially personalized to suit each individual’s needs.

These programs offer guidance to see our present condition clearly and give the tools to create the changes we need to experience renewed health and well-being.

What would it feel like to live life to our greatest potential?

  • Do I have abundant energy?
  • Do I wake up each day with enthusiasm?
  • Do I find my work satisfying?
  • Am I living in harmony with others?
  • Do I have a relationship to divinity within?

Come and join us and experience the opportunity to create the most fulfilling life possible

More than 20 years of experience

Darko Jurić and ART OF LIFE program received a warm welcome in wellness sleepy Croatia.
Some of the best boutique hotels have used his services or have consulted him on various projects.

Certainly, 20 years of experience in USA, a homeland of wellness, is reference that speaks for itself.
If you desire to create an authentic program, do not hesitate to contact ART OF LIFE.



We use products that are based on whole food principles. Whether they are whole foods, food supplements or personal   care products they all have co-factors, enzymes and vital energy preserved within them.

Products include:
fresh juices
whole food supplements
Shusssler salts
homeopthic remedies
Bach flower remedies
botanicals (tinctures, teas)


ART OF LIFE treatments help us to understand that an illness is like a block in the road.  When we immerse ourselves in the healing process we realize that there could be more enchanting future, showing us all the potential that life holds for us.

The initial evaluation includes a program tailor-made for you, and will include a selection of the following session work:

Life Coaching
Health Coaching
Dynamic Psychotherapy
Nutritional Counseling
Business Coaching
Traditional Acupuncture
Chromo Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
Beauty Treatments
Iyengar Yoga
Thai Massage
Dance Therapy
Tai Chi Movement


Retreats are our special programs. They  are held at three inspiring villas, a comfortable, intimate, retreat-like setting in the midst of Istrian peninsula and at Villa Serena on Samana peninsula in Dominican Republic. As a program participant, you’ll have complete access to all the comforts that home has to offer. After all, you are our friend first.

health coaching

Coaching is a dynamic process that helps a person or a company to better conduct and achieve personal or work goals which result in increased personal well-being, healthy and healing relationships, increased levels of self awareness, responsibility and actualization.  The coach guides you through this process.

Coaching includes the initial holistic consultation, which is a detailed examination of a client’s lifestyle and health history.  We will explore your pattern of behavior, with a particular emphasis on the interconnection between stress and other psychological variables and their impact on overall health.

The emphasis is on finding the most effective and least invasive way of dealing with issues that present an impediment to growth.  The client is expected to take an active role in the treatment process and to work as a team player with the practitioner to eliminate destructive habits and ways of thinking.  Homeopathic remedies, cleansing, dietary changes, and supplements are often recommended, and are aimed at adjusting and harmonizing mental and physiological function.  Patterns of respiration, exercise habits and other parameters may be examined to help with a client’s recovery.   Other appropriate practices, drawn from the traditions of Ayurvedic and Oriental medicine may be recommended for your  tailor-made  program.

wellness consulting

ART OF LIFE Wellness Consulting is an opportunity for existing wellness to take on another dimension through its services.  Our team members have more than 20 years of experience in their area of expertise.

About  us

 Darko Jurić, Health Coach
+ team of holistic practitioners

Initiating personal changes that respect nature, improve the individual’s quality of life, and society.

Together with a client we design and implement an individualized “ART OF LIFE” program.

The foundation of personal transformation is the client’s active participation.

Primary tools:  Health Coaching
Additional tools: Holistic consultation, acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy, business coaching, yoga, and other methodologies, depending on the client’s needs.

From 3 weeks and up.

About  Darko  Jurić

Darko graduated with a Masters degree in acupuncture and botanical medicine from the top-ranked Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California.  He is also a graduate of the American Health Science University, Colorado, Vermont College at Norwich University, and a Certified Nutrition Specialist with advanced training in Live Blood Cell Analysis.

For five years he apprenticed and worked with Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., the internationally recognized expert and pioneer in the integration of holistic medicine at the Center for Holistic Medicine in New York City. As a Health Coach in private practice, with over 20 years of experience, Darko worked and trained with Van Beveren (biochemist), William Block (medical doctor), Robert Sorge (naturopath), Alan Magaziner (osteopath), Beth Rotondo (homeopath), and Joseph Gitto (chiropractor).

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Darko Jurić, MS, CN,
Health Coach

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